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Macroeconomics is one of the hardest economics courses to teach due to the non-uniformity of macroeconomics syllabus. Some universities focus on growth models and economic development. Others focus on monetary policy and the key role of Central Banks. Our tutors are familiar with macroeconomics at LSE, Warwick, UCL, Kings, Cambridge, Bristol, Nottingham, City University. We can prepare students for general coursework as well as final examination in intro and intermediate macroeconomics.

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  • Keynesian Cross
  • Inflation
  • Economic Growth
  • IS-LM Model
  • Theory of Money
  • Int'l Trade

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Our tutors are familiar with standard IS-LM framework, IS-LM with Mundell-Fleming model in an open economy with exchange rates and balance of payments. We also have specialist tutors in economic growth theory covering Solow model and exogenous growth, Romer model with endogenous growth. Tutors from LSE, Warwick, UCL and Kings are also familiar with monetary economics, inter-temporal choice models, Real Business Cycle models, exchange rate over-shooting, and international macroeconomics.



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