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Work with our EconSpecialist on introductory or intermediate microeconomics. Our tutors have extensive experience in preparing students in consumer theory and utility maximization problems including the Lagrange multiplier method, producer theory and cost function with expenditure minimization approach. Intermediate level coursework in microeconomics prepares students in market models such as perfect competition, Cournot, Stackleberg, Bertrand models, and Game theory. More involved courses such as those at LSE, Warwick, UCL also focus on General equilibrium.

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  • Consumer theory
  • Producer theory
  • Firms
  • Game theory
  • Externalities
  • General equilibrium

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Econ Specialist

Our tutors prepare students for general coursework in principles and intermediate microeconomics. We are familiar with EC201 at LSE, EC202 and EC204 at Wariwck, and Econ2001 at UCL. Most intermediate level coursework deploys a mathsy constrained optimization framework for utility maximization, expenditure minimization for deriving Marshallian and Hicksian demand functions. Students are also expected to learn the Slutsky equation, Roy’s identity, and Shephard’s Lemma in working with income and substitution effect. Term 2 mostly focuses on an appreciation of Walrasian or General Equilibrium. Our tutors have prepared outlines and practice materials to help our students do well in these core topics.



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